Ice & Sky

A film by Luc Jacquet

To be released in 2015


Claude Lorius replied to an ad, and left with two fellow travelers for a one-year wintering journey in the Antarctic, with no possible return or support. This first expedition in the Far South was to lay the foundations of his entire life…

On such unexplored lands, the young man discovered that each air bubble clenched within the pole icefields was an air sample dating back to the time when it got caught in the ice. In other words, a few meters down, the air contained in the ice used to be breathed by the Romans.

Temperatures, air bubbles… Such discoveries resulted in drilling operations that would later help him go more than 400,000 years back in our climate history, which had never been done before.

In the light of this newly uncovered information, Claude would dedicate his life to convince and raise awareness of the dangers brought about by men and looming over their own planet.

Yet, too often his call echoed in silence, lack of understanding, denial and pressure.


This man of science has decided to take the time to retrace his steps and piece the puzzle of his life back together. Claude Lorius shares his experience, possibly for the last time.

He recounts a world that is rooted in the Anthropocene, a new era where man is powerful and governs the world’s ecology and climatic progress.

Now that he is 82 years of age, I feel like going back in the past with him to recount his story: to travel along the timeline of his life, as a genuine reflection of our planet history.

To paint a subtle portrait of this marvelous, wise old man with whom I intuitively share words and images that stem from our immoderate love of the Antarctic, a headland where both of us, forty years apart, have found a common destiny.

Luc Jacquet, Filmmaker, Association Wild-Touch Founder
Now that, just like me, you know, what do you intend to do?Claude Lorius

Claude Lorius

Through his research work as a glaciology pioneer in the Antarctic, Claude Lorius contributed to revealing the impact of human activity on climate.

  • 1932Birth in Besançon
  • 1957First wintering journey to Charcot Station in the Antarctic
  • 1961Claude becomes a research scientist at CNRS
  • 1975The Dome C drilling operations conducted by Claude in the Antarctic take us 40,000 years back in climatic history
  • 1983Director of Laboratory of Glaciology and Environmental Geophysics (LGGE) in Grenoble
  • 2008Claude is awarded the Blue Planet prize, one of the most prestigious international environmental awards
  • 2011“Voyage dans l’Anthropocène” by Claude Lorius and Laurent Carpentier is published
  • 2012Claude and Luc Jacquet take up a new cinematic experience: Ice & Sky

Luc Jacquet

After studying biology, Luc Jacquet tried his hand at filmmaking while on a wintering journey in the Antarctic. In 2005, his movie "March of the Penguins" was a worldwide success.

  • 1967Birth in Bourg-en-Bresse
  • 1991First wintering journey to Dumont d’Urville Station in the Antarctic
  • 1993Masters degree in mountain natural environment management
  • 2006Academy Award for best documentary feature with March of the Penguins
  • 2007Second feature film released: The Fox and the Child.
  • 2010Creation of Association Wild-Touch
  • 2013Third feature film released: Once Upon a Forest. Nominated for a César award in 2014 as best documentary feature.
  • 2015Ice & Sky released.


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To be released on screen in2015
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